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Bell/Grand span to be named Veteran’s Bridge

State Senate Majority Leader Rick Gray, who serves Surprise and other parts of the northwest Valley in Legislative District 21, helped push for the change after a veteran suggested the idea when the Vietnam-era “Moving Wall” stopped through Surprise last July.


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Advocates, Senate Education Committee support ELL instruction flexibility.

Sen. Rick Gray, another sponsor of SB 1014, thanked Sen. Paul Boyer for bringing this ELL flexibility bill back up and said, “I would have liked to see it go through last year. One of the things that bothers me is to hear about the percentages of kids getting out of ELL.”

A few years ago, a bipartisan group of educators went up to Utah to look at their English Language Learner program, which is basically software driven, Gray said.

“They started with a pilot program. It went so well that they took it statewide,” Gray said. “They had 70 percent of their kids graduate out of ELL in the first year.”

It’s appalling that Arizona’s English Language Learner program costs millions of dollars per year, but is not showing positive results, Gray said.

“I fully support this bill, but I also believe there are better ways – we live in a digital society, kids are visual learners, they’ve got software programs now that will  teach a child and in essence, have a mentor in the program take them up where they need to be individually,” Gray said.


Sen. Gray also has track record – Peoria Times


Below is a link to an Education forum sponsored by Cox Cable that Rick participated in. We are posting the entire forum, not picking and choosing segments for political manipulation as our opponent has done.

“We have too many of these tactics in politics and I have said that I got involved in politics because I was tired of politics as usual. We have a problem that needs to be fixed. While I understand that funding is necessary and have voted to increase funding, we need a comprehensive fix to our education issues and that is what I’m committed to doing.” – Rick








COMMENTARY: Gray working on important issues


Was honored to work on HB2502, known as “The Officer Craig Tiger Act”, which provides critical treatment to all first responders and mandates the collection of comprehensive data on the exposure and impact of PTSD claims.



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Rick Gray to replace Debbie Lesko, represent West Valley in Arizona Senate

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